Design - - - It is an all encompassing term. What should you require from a designer?

Each of the following creative processes once remained separate (or at least partially so)
- and now these are the skills you should expect from your designer.

    • Illustration (Adobe Illustrator)
    • Photography (Nikon and Leica high resolution digital imaging)
    • Post image processing (Photoshop)
    • Graphic Design (InDesign)
    • Web Design (Dreamweaver, HTML5, CSS, Java)

One thing leads to another:

    • You want a website - which leads to
    • You need photographs for your marketing - which leads to
    • You need business cards and brochures - which leads to
    • You need a dynamic website for selling
    • You need social media presence . . . . . .
    • You need a printer (because print isn't dead)
    • Mix these up in any order you wish or eliminate the ones you don't need
    • You still have a problem . . . .

As a consequence - (YOU) then had to continually find the resources (people) you needed to make your project a reality.

THIS IS NO LONGER THE CASE - at least not here. Daniels.Gallery offers all of these creative skills. I will work with you and teach you what you need to know about the best way to implement your creative projects. And I know how.