Photographic Services

Photography - - - Professional photographers (should) make it look easy. What should you expect from a professional photographer ?

Equipment, Creativity, Detail, Patience, People Skills, Passion

  • EQUIPMENT - There are many exceptional digital cameras on the market and so it's not so much about what equipment you have - but -    • knowing how to use that equipment,   • and knowing how to post-process the images
  • CREATIVITY - Photography is and art and you owe it to yourself to look at the variety of a photographer's work to see the range of their creativity. You may want 'traditional' imagery or something more 'contemporary'
  • DETAIL - A photographer's eye for detail is a cornerstone for capturing the details of what you want an image to convey. The details of cropping, color balance, sharpness, and composition are only part of the process.
  • PATIENCE - Patience translates into several possible skills. Not only does it take time - and many exposures to capture the essence of some images - it also takes patience and know-how when post-processing images to make them - - exceptional.
  • PEOPLE SKILLS - This applies not only to images that include people, but also in communicating with a client about - expectations and what a client is looking for in your creating their vision in photographs.
  • PASSION - The magic and beauty of photography should be evident in a photographer's work. The images you want for either a website or for a printed portfolio should show the passion the photographer has for making wonderful images.

Here are some examples - - -