Website Design & Maintenance

Website Design - - - A curious new requirement has emerged, where both design creativity and technical skills for coding have merged. What will you require from your web designer ?

Goals, Functionality, Planning, Design, Results, Maintenance

  • GOALS - What are your business goals - your personal goals for "being on the Internet" ? Be prepared to have those goals change over time and, if needed, your website as well.
  • FUNCTIONALITY - What features and functions will you need to grow your business ? Do you want to sell 'stuff' (eCommerce) ?
  • PLANNING - You can't always get what you want - at least not right away - so how can you implement your goals ? This part is about setting everyone's expectations.
  • DESIGN - This can be the part that's forgotten - choosing a format (do you want your navigation on the top or on the side or somewhere else), what color scheme will best suit your goals (yes color theory applies here), and more. This is a critical part of planning
  • RESULTS - What is the timeline for getting your website online - AND - for creating a plan for Search Engine Optimization
  • MAINTENANCE - Your website is a continuing story and maintaining it will help accomplish your goals. Is this something you want to do yourself (using a system that doesn't require you to know how to code) or do you want me to do that ? I will help you accomplish either choice.